Who are we?

Welcome to the homepage of the Terran Dream Archive, the science fiction imprint of Dennis M. Lane Publishing.

The mission of the Terran Dream Archive is to preserve and propagate the stories of Earth across all platforms.

The first book to be published was THE PORING DARK (60 Excursions across the Multiverse) a collection of short stories, science fiction poetry, and nanofiction, that was published in September 2012.

Since then we have published TALATU and THE KING’S JEWEL – both are Young Adult novels. For more details of these publications and more, please see the Book Store bookkeeper Brisbane.

The blog Peering into the Dark is dedicated to bringing you news and sneak previews, so keep coming back to see what is in store.

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Dennis M. Lane

Chief Archivist and Dream Archive contact point for Planet Earth

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